Celebrating A 19 Year Partnership

In a business that revolves around things as abstract as ideas, perceptions, creativity and brands — where judgements of work product are highly subjective — nurturing, retaining and growing client relationships can be challenging. In fact, in today’s highly competitive, fragmented and evolving marketing world, the average agency-client relationship is thought to be just under 3 years.

That’s why all of us at The Thorburn Group feel incredibly honored to be celebrating a 19-year relationship with American Standard Brands.

Reflecting on the many successes and inevitable challenges of our nearly two-decade relationship, the one — and maybe most obvious — thing that has contributed to success is people. People, on both the client and agency side with passion, determination, honesty, integrity, positivity and burning desire to support each other in doing the best they can every day.

We are grateful for American Standard, and all the partners who put their trust in our team to help them discover, define and deliver their authentic brand story to the people who matter most to their success.

Check out this humbling take on The Thorburn Group and American Standard Brands relationship from our long-time partner, Jeannette Long.