Dreamers never sleep

Many in this era refer to our creative approach to our work as the thrust into 21st century business practice. To think, create, make and solve is how we work and it’s how we grow.

Our culture is to encourage those who work at The Thorburn Group to expand beyond what is comfortable to them. To travel, network, read, share. Look to the leaders in other creative fields for insight. Artists, the street, movies and, of course, what is happening in technology. To “lick the bowl,” as my mother used to say.

It’s always humbling just how little I know, but it’s also what makes this profession an endless journey unfolding. Never stale, always moving forward.

I was on site with an assignment last week for the United States Navy. Understanding the culture of the Navy, those who serve and the connection to them becomes the starting point for insight. And that is the point. As creatives, we are responsible for the concept and the execution of our work, but we also need to be immersed in the insight. To see, hear and touch the people we are connecting with. To understand how a brand walks and talks and lives in the world. To know what it is, but, most importantly, to know what it can be. To dream.

From that and an understanding of the assignments brief, we can push beyond and challenge the ideas of the status quo. To dream, to work hard, and maybe not sleep, if that’s what it takes. So to my fellow dreamers, never let yourself be defined by those who want to keep you “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.” Our goal must be to know more, which translates into doing more and better work. Insight drives ideas, and ideas can change the world.