Megaphone vs. Beacon Marketing

Are you trying to find customers, or are you helping customers find you?

The answer to this question will have a big impact on the way you think about your marketing programs.

When your marketing efforts are focused on finding customers, your emphasis is on developing messages that appeal to the greatest number of people and finding ways to shout the loudest. This approach focuses on quantity not quality. It leads to the marketing trap of being all things to all people and has the potential to dilute your brand’s messaging.

But when your marketing efforts are focused on helping people find you, you put an emphasis on developing messages that appeal to the right people, and you focus on standing out versus shouting louder.

You stand out by:

• Focusing on the truth of your brand and defining what makes you special, not different
• Appealing to people who believe what you believe and truly desire what you offer
• Standing for something that people are attracted to and want to be part of
• Seeking to create connections versus transactions

By standing out, your brand becomes a beacon in the cluttered world of me-too offerings and you help the people who will matter most to your brand find you, join you and stay with you over time.