The Power of an Image

(Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Its presence persistent in our lives, its ability to influence and inform, inspire and connect, reveal and revere, relentless.

Compelling images engage us to open our eyes and act,
to covet and purchase,
desire and remember.

They shape the world we live in,
shining a harsh or warm light upon current events
recapture a memory, reconnect with someone.

They evoke our feelings, fears, desires;
they bring texture to our emotions and our perceptions.

They are frivolous.
They are powerful.
They influence and transport us.

They sell a point of view,
push an agenda.

They invite us to bear witness,
they force us to open our eyes and to act.

To make fresh discoveries and ignite desire,
to educate.

To make us hungry,
relaxed and thoughtful.

They welcome us to step inside someone else’s shoes,
to engage with their existence.

They remind us of our own humanity,
and how far we, and others, have yet to come.

They show us unadulterated life,
and unfiltered emotion.

Remind us of another time,
propel us into the future.

and hate,
and passion.

The biggest triumphs,
the gut-wrenching defeats,
the most awful horrors,
and celebrations of incredible accomplishments.


At the Thorburn Group, we celebrate our love of the image daily, revere its mightiness and wield that power for good.

It informs, shapes and steers our storytelling. How we capture and distribute emotion, create desire, inspire and are ourselves—inspired. #ttg