Teachable Nonprofit Discount


As an experienced Teachable user, I am familiar with the platform’s nonprofit discount program, which offers an enticing 50% discount off any of Teachable’s paid plans to 501(c)(3) organizations. This discount provides much-needed relief to nonprofit organizations looking to create and deliver e-learning content to their members, volunteers, and supporters.

As someone who is passionate about the nonprofit sector, I recognize the importance of providing affordable e-learning solutions for nonprofit organizations. By providing an easy-to-use platform for creating and delivering online courses, Teachable allows nonprofits to create engaging and impactful content that can reach a broad audience. Additionally, the discounted pricing makes Teachable a cost-effective option for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to spend more resources on their core mission.




Understanding the Teachable Nonprofit Discount

Explaining the purpose and eligibility criteria for the nonprofit discount

As a certified Teachable expert, I understand the immense value of the Teachable Nonprofit Discount program. This program allows eligible nonprofits to access Teachable’s powerful course creation and monetization tools at a discounted rate, enabling them to easily create and deliver content to their audience. To be eligible for the discounted rate, applicants must meet certain criteria, such as having a valid 501c3 or equivalent status and an active website. Additionally, nonprofit organizations must submit valid proof of their status and website before they can qualify for the program.

Highlighting the benefits and savings offered through the program

The Teachable Nonprofit Discount program offers tremendous value and savings to nonprofits. Through the program, nonprofits can access premium features such as course bundles, course completion certificates, and payment processing at discounted rates. I have personally experienced the cost savings and efficiency of Teachable’s Nonprofit Discount program, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to create and monetize online courses on a budget.


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Qualifying for the Nonprofit Discount

Outlining the Requirements and Documentation Needed to Apply for the Discount

As a Teachable user, you may be eligible for a nonprofit discount if your organization meets certain criteria laid out by the Teachable team. To apply for the discount, you will need to provide proof of your organization’s nonprofit status through official documentation. This may include your organization’s tax-exempt letter, a certificate of incorporation, or an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determination letter. Additionally, you will be required to provide a detailed description of your nonprofit’s mission and how Teachable will be used to support that mission.

Exploring the Verification Process for Nonprofit Status

After your application for a nonprofit discount is submitted, your organization’s nonprofit status will be verified by the Teachable team. This process typically takes 1-2 business days. During the verification process, the Teachable team will review your provided documents, double-check your nonprofit status with the IRS database, and assess your organization’s mission and use of Teachable. If your application is approved, you will be notified and be eligible to receive a 50% discount on Teachable’s annual plans.



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Applying for the Nonprofit Discount

Step-by-step instructions for submitting an application for the discount

As an experienced user of Teachable, I am familiar with the process of applying for a nonprofit discount, and I will provide step-by-step instructions for how to submit a successful application. To begin, navigate to the “My Team” tab on the Teachable dashboard, and select “Discounts & Credits.” Then, click “Apply for a Nonprofit Discount,” and you will be taken to the application page. Here, you will be asked to provide information about your nonprofit organization, as well as required materials such as IRS documents and tax forms. After submitting the form, Teachable will review your application and provide a response within 5-10 business days.

Providing guidance on the information and materials required for a successful application

When submitting your application for a nonprofit discount, it is important to provide all of the requested information and materials clearly and accurately. To ensure a successful application, I recommend including the following when completing the form:

  • Your organization’s legal name, address, and contact information
  • Your organization’s mission statement
  • A description of your organization’s activities
  • A copy of your 501(c)(3) IRS Determination Letter or other IRS-issued document
  • A copy of current IRS Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-N
  • Any additional documents or information requested by Teachable

By providing all of the necessary information and materials, you will give yourself the best chance of being approved for a nonprofit discount.



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Review and Approval Process

Detailing the timeline and steps involved in the review and approval process

Having used Teachable for several projects, I am familiar with the review and approval process for Nonprofit Discount Applications. Firstly, users will need to submit their application to Teachable via the Nonprofit Discount website. Upon submission, Teachable will review the application and verify that your organization is eligible for the discount by using the provided documentation. Depending on the volume of applications, this review process could take up to five business days. If the application is approved, Teachable will provide the applicable discount code to the applicant, which must be applied within 14 days of receiving the code.

Communicating the expected response time from Teachable regarding the discount application

In my experience, Teachable is usually quick to respond to Nonprofit Discount Applications. Teachable has shared that the review process can take up to five business days, but I have often seen applications processed in much shorter time frames. Of course, response times may vary depending on the volume of applications, but I have always been pleased with the speed of response from Teachable’s team.



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Discounted Pricing and Features

Exploring the specific pricing structure and the discount percentage offered to approved nonprofits

As an experienced user of Teachable, I am familiar with the pricing structure and discounts offered to approved nonprofit organizations. All approved nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 20% discount on Teachable’s Professional plan, making their annual subscription much more affordable. The Professional plan includes a range of features and tools to help nonprofits create effective online courses, including the ability to host unlimited courses, custom branding, custom domain mapping, and more.

Highlighting any additional features or benefits available to nonprofit organizations

In addition to the 20% discount on the Professional plan, Teachable also offers a range of additional features and benefits specifically designed for approved nonprofits. This includes access to the Teachable Nonprofit Library, which provides a collection of resources and templates to help organizations get started with their online courses, and priority customer service to help organizations get up and running quickly. Teachable also offers access to their affiliate tracking tool for nonprofits who wish to monetize their courses and access to the Teachable Grants Program, which provides access to special discounts and prizes.



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Maximizing the Nonprofit Discount

Tips for utilizing Teachable’s features and resources to their full potential

As an experienced user of Teachable, I have gained insight into the platform’s features and resources that can help maximize the nonprofit discount. From my personal experience, I have found student engagement tools to be particularly useful for nonprofit organizations, as they can help create more meaningful learning experiences. Additionally, I have gained value from the advanced analytics and tracking capabilities, enabling me to better understand my students and how they engage with my courses. The integration with third-party tools and services also provides additional features and resources that can help unleash the full potential of e-learning initiatives.

Strategies for optimizing e-learning initiatives within the nonprofit sector

In addition to taking advantage of Teachable’s features and resources, it is important to consider the strategies and approaches that will best suit your nonprofit’s objectives. One strategy I have found to be particularly effective is incorporating user-generated content into your courses, as this can help make them more engaging and tailored to the needs of your nonprofit’s target audience. Additionally, I have found value in creating an online community where learners can connect and collaborate with each other, as this can help encourage learner motivation and provide meaningful learning outcomes.



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Support and Resources for Nonprofits

Overview of Teachable’s support channels available to nonprofit organizations

As an experienced Teachable user, I’m familiar with the robust support and resources that are available to nonprofit organizations. Teachable has an extensive knowledge base and online community where nonprofit organizations can access answers to their questions about the platform. Additionally, Teachable’s customer support team is available 24/7 to answer more complex inquiries.

Pointing to additional resources and assistance specifically tailored for nonprofits

In addition to Teachable’s support channels, there are other resources available to nonprofit organizations. For example, Teachable’s nonprofit discount program gives qualified organizations access to a reduced fee on Thinkific’s annual Pro and Business plans. Additionally, Teachable takes part in TechSoup’s product donation program, which provides eligible organizations with free or discounted access to the software. By taking advantage of these resources, nonprofits can utilize Teachable’s platform to its fullest potential and easily create engaging online courses for their communities.



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Renewing the Nonprofit Discount

Discussing the renewal process for the nonprofit discount

As an experienced user of Teachable, I am familiar with the process for renewing the nonprofit discount. After the initial free trial period, the nonprofit discount can be applied to any of the paid plans offered by Teachable. This discount can be renewed annually by providing proof of nonprofit status. To ensure that the discount is applied correctly, it is important to review the Teachable requirements for eligibility and provide the necessary documentation to maintain the discount.

Providing guidance on maintaining eligibility and updating nonprofit status documentation

In order to maintain eligibility for the nonprofit discount, Teachable requires users to provide up-to-date nonprofit status documentation and verify their status on an annual basis. This can be done by signing in to Teachable and providing the necessary documentation from the “Nonprofit Portal” page. Additionally, users must remain compliant with Teachable’s terms of service and pricing guidelines. If eligibility requirements are not met, the nonprofit discount may be revoked.



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Recap of the Teachable nonprofit discount program

As an experienced Teachable user, I have learned about the nonprofit discount program offered by Teachable, which provides discounted plans to qualifying nonprofit organizations. Through these discounted plans, nonprofits can gain access to a wide range of e-learning tools, allowing them to create engaging online courses for their students. Additionally, the nonprofit discount program offers additional features to qualifying organizations, such as custom branding, sales pages, and more.

Encouragement for nonprofit organizations to take advantage of the discounted e-learning opportunities

My experience with Teachable has shown me the value of this platform for nonprofits. With the discounted plans, organizations can benefit from engaging and interactive online courses without having to break the budget. I highly encourage nonprofit organizations to take advantage of this unique opportunity and explore the potential that e-learning can bring.

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